A method of exercise that consists of low-impact flexibility, muscular strength and endurance movements utilizing springs as the primary form of resistance. Pilates emphasizes proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance.

If practiced with consistency, Pilates improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in the entire body. It puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and subsequently improving coordination and balance.


Our lead Pilates instructor, Ruthie Lawrence, has a very impressive 16 years of experience teaching Pilates in both group and private settings. Ruthie teaches an inside out method of Pilates allowing the lengthening of the muscles at the core surface of the bone. This enhances bone alignment in addition to supporting an adequate muscle movement flow.

Her background includes rehabilitation and pregnancy courses in addition to her work under the Tom Myers’ Anatomy trains organization. She possesses a vast knowledge of the human body and it’s functionality through various methods of continuous education.