A combination ride that mimics outdoor riding.  Your leader will guide you through the different levels of training such as endurance, strength, race day and recovery.  You will explore the flat roads, climb up some of the steepest hills and mountains, sprint and attack amongst some of the best! Get ready!

The Experience

Showing up is half the battle. The rest is meeting yourself where you are and then working with the tools you have to achieve your goal. We are all finding our way along this journey in life and the experience is no different on the bike.  It’s a push and pull, a give and take. These rides will allow you the opportunity to feel the body, mind and soul connection. You will be challenged in ways that will not only test your physical strength, but your mental and emotional will power as well.  This ride has the potential to be a life changing experience.  Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Rise & Ride

Whether you like to wake with the sun or you work the “nine-to-fiver”, this ride will have you feeling good before the day begins.

Spin & Sculpt

The first 40 minutes of class will be on the bike, challenging you and your body  with the “road riding” experience. Flats, hills, intervals and sprints will be used to help you tap into that inner athlete.  The last 15-20 minutes will be on the floor, focusing more core and upper body strength, followed by some muscle lengthening stretches to wind the body down and leave you with the feeling of a full body workout. All levels welcome.

Themed Ride

Every once and a while our teachers offer a class that has a specific theme. Check our schedule for these fun pop-ups!



A low-impact training routine that combines the best of pilates deep core strengthening and yoga with cardiovasularlly challenging High Intensity Interval Training. This 60-minute fusion will increase your strength, stamina, flexibility and quality of life in a fun, save atmosphere with great music!


Restorative Strength

Bringing together the precision and control of pilates with the flow and release of yoga in a mellow, 60-minute class created to put your mind at peace and body at ease.