The PwrOneCycle family is dedicated to discovering just how big and strong yours can be.  Each session, be it your first or five-hundredth, should be a “turning point” in life and pursuit of betterment.  As a team, we’ll gain strength and conquer life’s mountains together…one positive and invigorating hour at a time.

Tammy has a strong passion for personal discovery, growth and transformation.  Not only in her self, but also in helping others to find this path for themselves. She believes in the mind, body and soul connection. Tammy is a certified Johnny G Spinning teacher and has almost 17 years experience with Indoor Cycling. She is avid in continuing education so that she can best serve her clientele. Her teaching style reflects upon the fact that we are all capable of achieving our goals by using the tools and the knowledge that already exists within each and every one of us. Her music selections are unique, driving and motivating. You will often hear her say, “It’s not about the bike…it’s about the experience we are having on the bike.” Life is a journey and the bike is a vehicle we can use to fire up the soul and push our bodies to whatever level we wish to take it to.  We can overcome obstacles, conquer fears, and release ourselves from anything and everything that seems to be holding us back from living a happy, healthy and fit lifestyle. 
Tammy is also a yoga teacher (RYT200) and the owner of Relax Just Breathe, where she is a practitioner of  Massage Therapy and Skincare with over 16 years experience.  She believes her background adds depth to her classes and looks forward to training with you.

Erica is a Certified Physician Assistant (P.A.) and Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) with outstanding academic and clinical performance. She completed a Master in Medical Science degree at an ARC-PA accredited program. She has lectured at state and international conferences. She has vast surgical and clinical experience. She enjoys teaching Cycle class as a way to encourage her clients in their journey of personal well being.

Jerome Fresch received his Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising from Bowling Green State University in 1987.  Jerome began his fitness career in 1987 as an aerobics instructor.  Jerome has received many accolades throughout his career including his representation of the United States in International Aerobics Competitions, and in 2001 became a United States Aerobics Champion. 
Jerome has received a Presidential award for aerobic dance and is a member of the United States National Aerobic Champions, and the Aerobics & Fitness Association of America. He has certifications and qualifications in Group Fitness and Personal Training through AFAA, Schwinn Indoor Cycling and TRX.  Jerome believes in personalizing and tailoring his approach to each individual client to ensure they create and realize their attainable fitness goals.  He also believes in making fitness fun by creating a community and feelings of support among members to ensure they feel a part of something bigger.  Originally from Ohio, Jerome moved to South Florida to live where most people vacation.  He loves spending time with his family back home, the Ohio State Buckeyes, Starbucks, and rescuing his 4 legged feline friends.

My name is Christy Dreisbach De Toledo. I’m a Florida native who grew up as a competitive gymnast. I was invited to the junior Olympics at a young age. This is where my true athleticism thrives from. During college I found yoga where I still got to apply my athleticism in a non competitive way. Once I realized I could help others in their fitness journey I began seeking licenses to do so. Upon moving back from Argentina where I became bilingual, I met my husband and then moved to Colorado where I began teaching HIIT style workouts. This is where I gained my personal training certification through NASM. I recently moved back to Florida and have been loving every minute of it. I strive to create a fun energetic environment that keeps my classes on a constant thrive for personal gain!  I enjoy being outdoors as much as possible. When I’m not in the studio I’m on a boat working as a search and rescue diver. 

Nicole is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor from Belfast, Ireland. She fell in love with the United States after completing an academic exchange program here as part of her college degree. After completing her degree she moved to Florida and began her fitness career.  A computer geek at heart Nicole completed her Degree in Computer Science but quickly learned that she really had a passion for fitness and an active lifestyle (Sitting at a desk was very difficult for her). So she followed her heart and loves motivating others to have a healthier lifestyle much more than coding. Helping others on their fitness journey is a passion of hers and she will stop at nothing to help you get there. 
If you want a challenging ride, with up and downs and a whole lot of banter, this is place for you! 

Ashley has been teaching group cycling for over 15 years. A long time lover of all things fitness, she found passion in helping others through exciting music for all generations.  A former triathlete and, she is looking to get back into racing shape and would love to meet others to do the same!  She is very excited to get back in the saddle and motivate you through great tunes and established relationships!

My name is Chris Flowers. I moved down to South Florida from Charleston S.C. I am really excited to be part of the team at Pwr One Cycle. I truly enjoy helping others reach their goals in fitness and having fun while doing it. My cycle classes are high energy, and full of positivity and intensity! Being very music oriented, I lean towards powerful motivating music with lots of rock and roll! Come rock out and get cardio fit with me!

Claire has a passion for helping others push themselves to be and do the absolute best they can in every moment. She is a certified pyroPILATES Instructor and Personal Trainer with the intensions of getting her Yoga and Comprehensive Pilates Certification. Claire wholeheardly believes that your best is different from day to day and your best looks different from anyone else, which is why her motto is “Just do YOUR best”! Through her fusion classes you will benefit from the best of yoga, Pilates, HIIT (high intensity interval training), and sports training with a focus on proper form and technique. Claire is also Co-Founder of Upper90Elite Soccer Training, LLC: a Youth-Development soccer training company based in Atlanta, GA.